There are many trainers in the horse industry that start out slowly working for other trainers and
work their way up to being on their own, while developing a client base.  Pete Oen decided this
year to take the horse industry by the reins and take off on his own.  He worked for several trainers
and ranches but was not happy.  Pete started out with a few horses and now has almost 20 of the
top barrel horses, in North America, in his barn.  His total earnings for the year was over $100,000.  
This year he also decided to hit the road and start doing clinics to teach what he knows about barrel
racing. Last year the one clinic has now turned into 6 different clinics being scheduled in 2012.  
Pete has fans from all over the world following him and 2012 will be an even better year for Pete
Oen.  Pete is not going to make it one day...he has made it!   
Pete and All Fame No Bull had the fastest time at
the All American Quarter Horse Congress for the
barrel racers!
Pete, Kyle, Famous Blue Eyes and All Fame No Bull
at the AQHA World Show!
2011 Pete Oen Clinic at Rittenhour Equine Center,
BelleCenter Ohio.