"The clinic was awesome! Two words... Class Act! So glad David
n I were able to attend. Talk about being made to feel like you were
right at home... Pete, Tyler and the whole crew were amazingly
gracious hosts! I learned a lot; now it’s my responsibility to step
up to the plate and practice what I’ve learned. This is not an easy
sport, but I love the way Pete keeps it uncomplicated. I encourage
you to reach for the stars...If you haven’t read his story, I
encourage you to go to Barrel Horse News, and read the article.
Thanks again to Pete and his sponsors... Bluebonnet, Iclonocast
Boots, Equi-Resp, Equipulmin, MVP... we walked away with some
wonderful gifts
!" Judi Perkins

We had a good time this weekend. Felicity Martin had the opportunity to
attend Pete Oens Barrel clinic.

Her and #RickyBobby won the most improved rider horse team award
given by Pete Oen and his sponsor EquiResp which was a $200 gift
certificate for EquiResp products!

Pete took time and worked with each horse rider combo (7 riders) to find
where they are and what they could improve on. Felicity was excited as
the victory he helped her communicate better with #RickyBobby with
helped her stay ahead of her horse and finish the turns just right to line
up for her next pocket.

The sponsors where awesome providing great gear and horse supplies
to everyone in attendance. Thank you EquiResp, BlueBonnet, MVP,
BFreeOfFlies, and Performance Horse Shop!! Thank you Pete for a great

Jaclyn Martin Judah Martin

Want to give a shoutout to Pete Oen for putting on an amazing barrel
racing clinic at his ranch in Ardmore. Everyone learned so much and had
a great time! And a bonus for me was I got to enjoy spending the
weekend with my sweet friend Judi Perkins!   DianaCorbin Collins

The Pete Oen Barrel Horses Barrel Clinic was a big
success! Lots of information was shared and learned
by all! Thank you to all students and auditors who
attended! Planning the next one already...dates TBA.

Thank you to all my sponsors who came and
presented demos and/or donated products! After all
the “free” stuff and gift certificates
at the clinic was
virtually free! Equi-Resp, MVP, Bluebonnet Feeds,
Best Ever Pads, B-Free of Flies, Performance Horse

Pete Oen