Blue Bonnet Feeds
Bluebonnet Feeds provides superior feeds and supplements for equine, ruminants, poultry and swine as
well as companion and specialty animals.

United Vet Equine
United Vet Equine provides integrity and value through our proprietary line of Med-Vet Pharmaceutical (MVP)
supplements.  Over 25 years of timeless quality is offered through the MVP product line - providing
guaranteed purity and potency making MVP The Trusted Brand!

We realize you have many companies to choose from when ordering your supplies.  Our team is highly
trained, knowledgeable and sincerely dedicated to helping you make the right product selections for your
Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals is your best source for horse supplements, equine nutrition, joint support
The MVP label is your guarantee of the highest quality equine products available in the industry.
Formula integrity, along with the highest level of quality ingredients has been the mission of  MVP products
the past 20 years.  MVP products are marketed in both the USA and International marketplace.

"MVP - Guarantees 100% customer satisfaction!"

Member of National Animal Supplement Council
OE Nutraceuticals
OE Nutraceuticals is a line of Products developed by DVM, competitors, and professional feed nutritionists with
improved performance being the gold standard for all of our products. We provide premium products that are
safe, drug free and effective for the equine market at a fair price for all levels of competitors.

No other supplement company can compete with a full scale therapy center as a clinical proving ground, real
world performance testing by leading competitors, DVM backed theory in product development, leading
nutritionists for formulations, industry leading ingredient company partnership on trademarked and clinical
studied ingredients, and food safe manufacturing facilities. These Facilities are ISO-9001, NASC, FDA
inspected, AAFCO regulated and SQF certified so you know our products, procedures and manufacturing
methods exceed the highest standards available.
B-Free of Flies

For over 29 years, we have outfitted farm and ranch
management, breeding farms, trainers and horse enthusiasts
nationwide with unbeatable flying insect controls. B-Free of
Flies lives up to its name.

Unfortunately, many equestrians have come to expect fly spray
and mosquito products to last a few minutes, maybe an hour,
to give their horses a brief break from stomping at flies and
running from mosquitoes.

We hear just the opposite about B-Free of Flies. Our
customers write at least once a week to tell us how our fly and
mosquito products eliminate their fly problems.

B-Free of Flies is the safest and most effective fly repellent on
the market. Our claim is reinforced by producing the same
quality product year after year for over 25 years now.

Make sure your breeding barn, training stable or family horses
are free of flies. Get the facts, then get the fly and mosquito
products that guarantee unparalleled results.
Ammerman Saddles, Hand made

As saddle maker for over 30 years, I have strived to make   sure we build only the best custom saddles. We have a
small scale business that allows us to focus on the
individual horse and rider and build a saddle to our  customers' specifications and needs. Unlike a production  
operation, all of our saddles are handmade in our shop in  Yoakum, Texas. We use only the highest quality materials
including Herman Oak leather, genuine  woolskin, stainless steel hardware, high quality hand-engraved silver, and
hand-covered stirrups. Our trees are   made to be strong, durable, and withstand a lot of use,  while still having an
innovative design to fit the horse.   We also have the ability to have a tree custom made for  you if you have a horse
that is hard to fit.
Like I said earlier, my family and I have been actively involved in the horse and saddle industry for generations, so
we've been able to watch the trends in fit and design to provide for today's competitors'  needs. Furthermore, our
satisfaction guarantee extends beyond the saddle sale. If you find you need  changes, modifications, or any other
work done on your saddle, I'll stand behind it and do  whatever you need to make you happy with your purchase. At
Ammerman Saddles we know you put a  lot of time and effort into your horse and your event, so why not have a
saddle that we've put the  same time and effort into building? Our saddles are truly in a class of their own in
craftsmanship  and appearance.                                                                            
Carl Ammerman
Carl Ammerman Saddles, Hand Made